I Am The Factory Owner

Thank you for coming to The Factory Owner (TheFactoryOwner.com).   This site is also known as I Am The Factory Owner, I Was The Factory Owner and I Will Be The Factory Owner.

The Factory Owner is here thanks very much to Elizabeth Warren who recently posted a video on Facebook and YouTube explaining why she feels the government is entitled to confiscate more of the wealth generated by factory owners.  While The Factory Owner could be a negative blog it is my hope that that this will be a more positive experience than the negativity embodied in the video that prompted the development of this web site.  Elizabeth Warren, candidate for Scott Brown’s seat in Massachusetts in the next election, explains her philosophy with regard to taxation, specifically, and redistribution of wealth more generally.  Elizabeth attempts to justify the confiscation of The Factory Owner’s wealth through a somewhat misdirected use of the ‘social contract’ theory discussed by the likes of Rousseau, Hobbes et al.  Please watch the video for yourself and form your own opinions.

This web site is really not intended to find fault with Elizabeth Warren, heaven knows she isn’t the only person who holds to this concept of wealth redistribution.  The problem is that her rhetoric, and that of her colleagues, does a tremendous disservice to the American working man and woman as it seriously misinforms them regarding what might be considered ‘fair’ and ‘just’ taxation and exactly what it takes to start and run a business, to hire employees and keep them employed, and what a positive impact entrepreneurs have on local neighborhoods and the country.

I would like this to be a place where factory owners, business owners of all stripes, job creators of all types and sizes, can provide the American public with their stories, what it was that they did to start and build their businesses.  If you are, or were, or are planning to be, a business owner, an employer, even if that only means ‘self-employed’ and you don’t have any additional employees, I’d like to hear your story.

The American Public need to hear your story !

The best way to counter what I call “the politics of envy” is to tell real life stories, to educate those that have little concept of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what it costs you, and your family.  Please tell your story, it is what makes America great.  Let the American public decide, after reading your story, whether big government is the best job creator, the best wealth re-distributor, the most compassionate organization, or if there is a better way.

There are three categories here.  If we need to have more, then we’ll add them.  Go to each category and read the definition for articles posted within that category.  Pick the category that best represents your circumstance.  Let us have your story.

Let’s tell the American Public the truth about job creation, about wealth creation and see if we can encourage just a few to change their views on those they presently believe ‘do not pay their fair share’.  This is your opportunity to tell the American public why The Factory Owner should not be vilified – at best – or penalized for being successful.  You may not be “Joe The Plumber”, but you can tell your story all the same.

If you need an idea of how to start, read my story.  You can find it here: http://www.thefactoryowner.com/2011/12/my-story-the-factory-owner/.

Thanks for coming.  Please be respectful.  Articles will be moderated, this isn’t “Occupy The Net” where anything goes.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous and / or tell your story to someone and have them develop the article we have a staff journalist available.  You can use our contact form to send him an email and he will respond.

Thank you again for visiting our site.